How long will it take for my order to process? 

Usually it should take around 3-5 days upon payment, but during busy periods I will be sure to update you on delays! 

How long will shipping take?

For domestic orders, it should take 3-5 days for normal mail and 2-3 days for registered mail. 

For international orders, it should take around 3-5 weeks, with potential delays due to customs. 

Can I track my order? 

You can only track your order if you opted for registered mail. Otherwise, all mail will be mailed with no tracking. 

There is an issue with my order! What should I do?

I'm sorry about that! Please drop me an email/contact form with information regarding the issue and I will assist you as soon as possible. 

Can I have a refund/an exchange/return?

Unless there is a defect with the items I've sent you, I won't be able to process any refunds/exchanges/returns.

I don't have a debit/credit card. Can I pay by PayLah!/Paynow instead? 

Yes, you may! There are instructions provided at checkout that will enable you to make payments through PayLah!/Paynow. 

For payments made with PayLah!/Paynow, please make payment within 24 hours otherwise I reserve the right to cancel your order to ensure that others can make a purchase from my shop instead.